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ActiveVoice: Teachers GO4it at Waihi Beach School

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sport Bay of Plenty’s ‘Physical Skills Educator’ Rachel Colby, who has a Primary Physical Education background, is working with teachers across the Western Bay of Plenty in the GO4it Fundamental Movement Skills Programme.

Rachel Colby has been working at Waihi Beach School in term one and says, “Waihi Beach School has rock star teachers who are delivering every week in the GO4it Programme.”

Sue and Leanne from Waihi Beach School teach a combined class of 24 Year 1 and 2 learners. Rachel says, “From the word go, these teachers have jumped right into the challenge of teaching their learners P.E. and making connections across the curriculum.

“This was exemplified when they noticed their learners were having a challenging time with skipping and that most of the learners needed extra help”.

Sue, Leanne and Rachel Colby quickly chatted, and decided the teachers needed to work with the learners who needed the most help with their skipping and the Physical Skills Educator took the learners who had a solid understanding of the concept.

Rachel believes the way that Sue and Leanne focused on breaking down the skill to its different parts and making connections to learners’ interests are a great example of the GO4it Programme in action.

The teachers made the learning fun, for example using wording such as, “We don’t want to stomp like grumpy dinosaurs; we want to step and hop like happy dinosaurs”.

At the end of the lesson, only 50% of the class could skip successfully. The teachers decided they were going to focus skipping throughout the week and were going to re-visit it the following lesson. Fast forward to the next week and these teachers had the learners skipping to the lesson with 95% success rate.

Sue and Leanne are always asking questions and looking for resources of their own to help their learners be healthy, active, individuals. Three cheers for amazing teachers such as Sue and Leanne at Waihi Beach School.

The GO4it Programme uses the Get Set Go Programme for the juniors and each school has a Physical Skills Educator delivering sessions on a weekly basis with each class. The teachers are supported with resources and professional development opportunities.

The next Get Set Go workshop for teachers in Western Bay is May 17, with date and venues to come for Central and Eastern.
Click here for all the information on this fundamental skills workshop for teachers.

If your school is interested in registering for the 2019 GO4it Programme, check out this link.

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