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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I recently had a brief conversation with a teacher from my intermediate school days.

I won’t mention any names but he’s a very popular principal now. We were chatting about the good old days of one school visiting another and competing in a range of sports. I remember us kids anticipating the day we would visit another school to play or eagerly the other school to arrive and compete on our home turf; it was amazing fun. These sort of interactive sporting days I remember as a kid helped me build a life-long love of sport.

As a Regional Sports Trust it is our role to facilitate the development of a robust sporting structure to support this. For Primary and Intermediate school sport this means assisting schools to establish stronger communication networks, facilitating quality school sport events and ensuring that teachers and coaches are provided with the opportunity to receive ongoing professional development. However, this sporting groundwork is unsustainable without parents who encourage involvement, support and coach junior teams and demand ongoing opportunities for their children.

In 2016 the CBOP School Sports Calendar has a number of events that are available to local school children including swimming, rugby, golf, cricket, climbing, orienteering, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, athletics, and cross country.

Sport BOP has established contacts in just about every school in the region and sends information about upcoming events and opportunities to these contacts on a weekly basis. So far this year over 7500 children have taken part in events on the school calendar and we still have eight events coming up in the fourth term.

This is a great indicator that whatever we are doing collectively is working, yet it also points to an increased workload for teachers and parents who currently coach and volunteer to make sport a reality. We need more coaches and volunteers to help spread the load!

We as parents have a very small window of opportunity within which we can help children to choose lifelong participation in sport.

It is important now that we put our hands up, and ensure that our children receive all of these opportunities available.

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