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ActiveVoice: Spaces and Places Strategy - what next?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In May 2017 the six local authorities who make up the Bay of Plenty region endorsed the Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy, a high level strategic framework for the provision of sport and recreation facilities across the region.


Rapid population growth, changing demographics, an ever growing number of sport and recreation activities and a significant number of aging, single use facilities that are no longer fit for purpose have all impacted on the Bay of Plenty sports and recreation facilities network. These challenges combined with limited funds available for the development of sport and recreation facilities are the key drivers behind the development of the Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy.

The Strategy is designed to ensure that as a region there is greater collaboration in the provision of sport and recreation facilities. Sustainability, multi-use, partnerships, functionality, accessibility, optimisation and whole of life modelling are some of the key principles that underpin the strategy and will guide decision making in the planning and implementation of facilities moving forward.

The strategy identifies a number of priorities for the region and also provides a clear, robust and consistent process by which all sport and recreation facilities projects will be considered. This applies not only to the provision of new facilities but also the optimisation and repurposing of existing facilities.

The Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy now moves into the implementation phase with commitment from the six local authorities and other partners to establish a specific role to maintain momentum for the Strategy into the implementation phase. Steph Kelly has recently come on board with Sport Bay of Plenty as the Regional Facilities Advisor and is tasked with leading the implementation of the strategy. Steph has a local government background and strong recreation planning experience.

Steph will be responsible for guiding sports clubs and community organisations through the decision making process, ensuring that all facilities projects align with the key principals and priorities identified in the strategy and that there is continued collaboration across the region. This means working closely with sports clubs, community organisations, Councils, Schools and community funders in the planning and implementation of sport and recreation facilities projects.

To read the Spaces and Places summary document please visit our website.
For information and advice on the strategy or a specific facility project please contact:
Steph Kelly, Regional Facilities Advisor
Sport Bay of Plenty
027 461 7219

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