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ActiveVoice: Positive Sporting Environments

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sport Bay of Plenty with support from NZCT is currently in the development stages of writing the Positive Sporting Environment Strategy for our region.

A strategy such as this has become necessary due to ongoing reports, both anecdotally and in the media, of ugly side-line behaviour including verbal and physical assault and intimidation.

The number of these incidents is far too high with Bay of Plenty Sporting codes and schools agreeing a generic regional approach is required to address and alleviate this issue.

Sport plays such a vital role in enhancing New Zealanders’ lives; it’s part of our culture and who we are as a nation. The Bay of Plenty is no different and any day of the week you can find hundreds of kids and adults involved in organised sport from the grassroots level right through to high performance.

The sporting environment in the region has a huge influence on who we are as a community and what we stand for. If the environment is negative and poor behaviour is accepted, we risk losing officials, coaches, players and supporters. By acknowledging the issue as current and unacceptable we are taking action before the situation worsens.

The Bay of Plenty Positive Sporting Strategy will be based around educating the community on how we can best support and provide positive environments - where anyone involved feels safe and is encouraged to do their best no matter what.

As a community a strategy like this will have the capability to change the Bay of Plenty sporting culture and see our entire environment excelling in all areas of sport.

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