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ActiveVoice: New opportunities for all people in sport

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

At the midway point of 2018 some exciting new opportunities to better support coaching and talent development across the Bay of Plenty are beginning to emerge, and the changes mean better support for everyone involved in sport.

These developments have partly come out of some recent activity at the national level. Over the past few months there have been some structural changes at Sport New Zealand in the coaching space - what was the Coaching and Talent Development Team has now evolved into the Sport Development Team. This team now encompasses more than just coaching and talent development, and will look at greater support of youth competition structures, athlete development, officials, managers and a big push to better educate parents around how to ensure their children can enjoy and take part in sport for life.

Active Voice youth sports support web

There’s now an opportunity for Sport Bay of Plenty to grow in this space and ensure similar support across our entire sport system. As a result, on July 1 we appointed Belinda Muller to a Youth Sport Systems Advisor role.

Belinda says she’s excited for the role, and what it will mean for sport in the region.

“Traditionally the emphasis has been on supporting coaching and talent development, but these changes bring about a more holistic approach to supporting those in the Bay of Plenty sport system by providing a range of education and growth opportunities for volunteers and parents.”

Belinda’s knowledge and talents are sure to have a really positive impact across the region – she has been a national level athlete, was manager of Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic netball team alongside Noeline Taurua, and manager of the Bay of Plenty U18 girls Rugby Team and Rangataua Ladies Rugby Team. She has a degree in Sports Psychology, a graduate diploma in Sport and Recreation and a teaching diploma.

Initially Belinda will be researching and talking to the relevant personnel in their sporting codes. She will then develop opportunities for volunteers, schools, athletes and parents in the sporting environment. Embedded in each opportunity will be information around the creation of Positive Sporting Environments to ensure our young people, coaches and volunteers enjoy their sporting experiences.

Belinda has already delivered opportunities for managers, and there’ll be further options for parents, officials and athletes as resources are developed with pilots in 2018 and a full calendar planned for 2019.

Keep your eye on the Sport Bay of Plenty calendar to find out more>

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