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ActiveVoice: Insights tool to improve sports data

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In Steven Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 5 is: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

This premise applies to sport and recreation, where your club might be looking to attract new markets, your local gym is wanting to better understand the makeup of the neighbourhood, or your funders require clarity on what is changing in the region.

A new tool is available to help you understand your community, and then to be understood. Sport New Zealand has released an improved version of their Insights Tool, available online, for anyone to use.

The Insights Tool has been developed in response to a call from the sector for quality data, and is designed to help those in the sport and recreation sector better understand their participants and plan for future demand.

“Sport NZ’s interactive Insights Tool enables users to develop a better understanding of New Zealand’s changing population and the different ways people are participating in sport and recreation,” says Sport and Recreation Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman.

“The Insights Tool combines sport, recreation, health, population and schools data. With this information users can better understand what’s happening at a local level throughout the country. It will help the sector to deliver the sport and recreation opportunities Kiwis want.”

The tool centres on Census meshblocks, bringing together Demographics and Demographic Trends, Activity Behaviours and Activity Trends, Health Trends, School Profiles, and Sport in Secondary Schools.

You can look at larger areas, such as the whole Bay of Plenty region, or drill down into specific suburbs of interest. The Insights Tool is fun to use and offers a wealth of understanding.

It shows you the population highlighted by Ethnicity and Gender, with a special feature of 10 Lifestages to help you focus on target markets – concentrations of Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Young Adults, Young Families, Older Families, Older Adults, Young Retirees and Older Retirees. It also compares the Bay of Plenty with the rest of New Zealand.

This is really useful information to help others understand what and who you are aiming for, and be highly effective in your communication.

The Insights Tool can be found here. Use your email and the password Cognit10 to login.

If you want some help, please contact Chloe Petterson at Sport Bay of Plenty.

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