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ActiveVoice: Hibernation is for bears

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hibernation winter tips

Remaining active over winter is a struggle for many people – so take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone when you don’t want to exercise on a dark, cold night after being at work all day.

In this weather, sitting on the sofa at home with a cuppa watching Netflix is certainly a more appealing option. However, that option won’t keep away those winter ills or help improve your mood as much as exercise can, thanks to its natural endorphin-producing benefits!

Many of you may know this already, so what new inspirational and motivational tips can we provide to help keep you fit and healthy this winter?

Here are the top five tips from our Sport Bay of Plenty Recreation Team:

  1. Friendercise – Friendercise is the simple concept of exercising with friends. This works to hold you accountable to your planned activity, and the social aspect will help keep your mind occupied and off what your body is doing.
  2. Always have your gear with you – Make sure you don’t have to go home before heading off to be active. By heading straight from work to your planned activity, you are more likely to make it to your chosen exercise destination.
  3. Try something new – Mixing up your exercise routine is a great way to keep you interested in an activity, especially if you have hit a plateau or slump in your current routine. Adding something new is also a great way to meet different people, which could lead to more social occasions, keeping you entertained, and ‘out and about’ over winter.
  4. Make you a priority – There are 1440 minutes in a day and you only have to be active for 30 of them. Ensure exercise is just as much of your daily routine as meal times, school pick-ups and drop-offs, or getting to work on time. This way it is not the last item on the ‘to-do list’ that always gets bumped for something more important. You are important, so make time for you.
  5. Check out our website and Facebook pages – Sport Bay of Plenty has some great resources to help keep you active, including the Get Involved Activity and Club finder on our website.
    And, if you’re female, why not check out our Facebook group She Plays in the Bay, a social space designed to get more Bay of Plenty women out and about!

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