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ActiveVoice: Easy ways to be active role models

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


This week many children will be starting kindergarten or school for the first time. It is so important young children spend a large part of their day being active and as adults, we can make a difference by being positive active role models and encourage regular activity.

There are plenty of fun, cheap and easy ways to increase physical activity in our families’ everyday lives.

Take the kindy/school run for example. The route to kindergarten or school is full of promise, fun and adventure to child. How many of us remember walking on the lines, jumping over the cracks so the bears didn’t get us and splashing in puddles? Our first experience of trying to balance on low walls and the sense of achievement when you didn’t need someone’s hand to hold!

Setting good habits early encourages future walking/biking to school. Walking or biking allows the introduction of road safety; we can teach children about good places to cross the road and what sneaky driveways look like.
Even if you live a long way away; driving part of the way and walking the rest allows children to still enjoy the walk and all it has to offer.

Over the year, point out the changes the seasons bring to front gardens, watching the blossom in spring and the leaves changing colour in autumn. Together you can imitate the skipping of lambs and twirling of leaves.

Then there’s the house being built on the section at the corner – how exciting; all that machinery, diggers, trucks and builders! Watch how the house goes up over the months.
Walking avoids inevitable road works and congestion. Walking past them everyday is quicker and more interesting; talk about what’s happening. Get to know the builders, gardeners, rubbish collectors and the postie and feel that sense of community.

Children can count house numbers, read signs at bus stops, list everything that is yellow, watch as the fire engine rushes by; the opportunities for fun and learning are endless all while getting some exercise.

Make the most of the good weather, new school beginnings and set good active habits now!

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