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ActiveVoice: Combining tech and recreation

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Finding a balance between the amount of time spent using technology and physical movement is a constant challenge – especially when it comes to our children.

It’s a challenge that is particularly relevant during the school holidays. I write this article at the end of the Easter break, a long weekend which presented the perfect opportunity to get the children moving through the use of technology.

Although we started with severe storm warnings, school closures and, consequently, lots of inside time, as the difficult weather passed (and the chocolate egg eating was about to begin), I hatched a plan for an Easter Egg Hunt with a ‘techy’ twist.

Easter Egg Hunts are always great fun for the participants – and for those who have to invent the intriguingly challenging clues! This year, I invited children from the immediate neighbourhood, and thought we could use technology positively to keep them engaged and also doing some serious movement. The clues for the two teams required going from one end of the section to the other and were interspersed with some physical, ‘huff and puff’ type games.

In our Easter Egg Hunt, each team had a phone. They had to take team photos of the group doing Leapfrog, helping smaller children over small barriers in an obstacle course, chasing the runaway Easter bunny (a person rather than a rabbit, of course), and drawing pictures of what Easter meant to them. All the children were fully engaged in the challenges, the photos were amazing, and parents were happy with the activity.

At Sport Bay of Plenty, we aim to embrace technology appropriately, to ensure active and healthy lifestyles. The type of games described here are similar to the app goosechase, which our Virtually on Track team is utilising to get children out and about in the region’s parks, reserves and forests these holidays. See for more details.

Alternatively, you can invent your own adventure like I did – all you need is a phone or disposable camera. Enjoy the school holidays!

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