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ActiveVoice: A Weighty Issue

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


As a nation we are fixated on weight and it is no wonder with the eye popping obesity statistics and an undeniable increase in long-term chronic health conditions exacerbated by excess weight.

It is a common misconception that first you need to lose weight and then you will be healthy. In fact, to lose weight you need to be healthy first. Making healthy choices in all aspects of your life from being more active to eating better is the key to losing those extra kilos.

In the Sport Bay of Plenty Green Prescription team our priority is supporting people to develop a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and nutritional changes. Our focus is not on what the scales say as our experience has shown us if you get on the road to health and wellness the weight will go.

Green Prescription is a six-month starter programme, designed to support inactive people with stable medical conditions to develop a healthy lifestyle. The advice and guidance we give is supported by the Ministry of Health’s tried and tested activity and nutrition guidelines.

The 5 key physical activity messages are; sit less move more, do at least 2 ½ hours of moderate activity or 1 ¼ of vigorous activity every week, for extra health benefits increase this to 5 hours of moderate or 2 ½ vigorous hours of activity every week, do muscle strengthening exercises at least twice a week and my favorite: doing some activity is better than none.

Interesting some of our clients’ biggest successes they report back to us during the programme are in non-clinical areas, that you can group under wellbeing and enriched lives. Stories of an increase in self-confidence, or a connection between people on a similar journey who not only motivate each other to sustain their new healthily path but also promise to be long-term friends.

On the Green Prescription programme we take a look at where clients are in terms of a healthy lifestyle and then where they would like to be. Big changes tend to be hard to sustain, so we encourage people to start with the small things. This can be as simple as going to watch an activity class we think they will enjoy or starting a walking programme. By making small changes, each step along the way becomes the new normal, resulting in benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more about the Green Prescription programme talk to your GP or Practice Nurse or give us a call at Sport Bay of Plenty.

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