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Active Voice: Primary School P.E. not forgotten in BOP schools

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Sport Bay of Plenty GO4it programme is in its seventh year with over 6000 students participating from 43 primary schools.

Does your primary school have a physical education programme run by trained physical education experts? Do your students participate in movement skills and movement competence? Does your P.E programme inform and guide students to engage in educational experiences that help them learn in, through and about movement activities?

In GO4it students in years 1-2 learn through games and develop hopping, jumping, sliding, galloping, skipping, rolling, balancing, tossing and catching, underarm throwing and many more fundamental movement skills.


Schools such as Waihi Beach, Pyes Pa and Maketu Schools participated in the Superhero Skills day that combined all movement skills learnt during the year. Fundamentals Advisor Debbie Garea says, “As well as skills development, the Go4It programme is also linked to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum to ensure social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive skills are incorporated into each session alongside physical skills.”

Steph Hendra from Bethlehem College Primary says GO4it is being intentional about teaching P.E skills and teamwork.

“The programme includes games and interactive challenges that build on the skills students are learning in a fun and appropriate way”.

Students in years 3-4 learn through games in the large balls, small balls and striking units. Students, such as those at Rangiruru School, guide the learning. Harry Potter games were included in the large balls unit as the Rangiruru students were reading Harry potter in class. Teachers and Physical Skills Educators work together to lead the session. Teachers ask connection questions which helps bring together the activities the students are doing with what’s going on in class.
Students in year 5-6 participated in games such as Tapu we, Ki-o-rahi and many sport based options. Skill criteria sheets help to guide the learning.

“My class and I really enjoyed all aspects of the programme. We loved getting out there with Rachel and learning new games and skills,” says Jonathan Silby from Bethlehem College Primary.

“Go4It built on what we already do and we are now able to take our P.E time to the next level. I am always referring back to lessons, and I can’t wait until the next sessions."

The Sport Bay of Plenty GO4it Programme is funded by TECT. Online applications are now open for 2019. If you are a primary school wanting to provide professional development for your staff then apply now so your primary school can join the GO4it Fundamental Movement Skills Programme.

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