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Active Voice | How lucky are we in the Bay of Plenty?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

There’s no doubt sport and recreation plays a big part in New Zealand’s culture. What that means can be very different from one person to the next, though, but fortunately the Bay of Plenty has so much on offer.

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Whether you are into walking on the beach or standing in the pouring rain on a cold winter’s day with your team mates trying to win a game, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you’re involved in some form of sport and recreation, and you’re bound to get so many valuable experiences that will help you live a healthy active lifestyle.

But what if we lived in an area which did not allow us to undertake these activities? Luckily for us this is not the case in the Bay of Plenty. Our region is home to so many fantastic spaces and places that offer diverse, high quality facilities for almost any experience you want within a 60 minute drive. It is a bit of a case of the grass seems greener elsewhere, but when you really stop and have a look in our own backyard you realise how lucky we really are.

One morning you can have the mountain bike on the back of the car and be riding some of the best trails in the country at the Rotorua Redwoods, then by afternoon you can be surfing some waves along our beautiful coastline. To top it off, in any of our communities on a Saturday mornings there’ll be hundreds of kids with smiles on their faces having fun thanks to the parks and reserves which enable the activities to take place, again all in our backyard!

You just need to have a look at all the events that happened in our region in September to get an idea of the magnitude of our spaces and places and the impact they have in our community: Over 10,000 kids from 300 plus schools were on a pitch, field, court or in a pool as part of the Anchor AIMS Games; various running events were happening which gave people an opportunity to challenge themselves; the Tall Blacks hosted Lebanon in a World Cup qualifier in Rotorua, then the following night the Silver Ferns played South Africa in Tauranga. We also had the Bay of Plenty Steamers and Volcanix at home for six games.

It’s therefore fair to say we’re extremely lucky in our region with both human-made and natural spaces and places. There’s certainly still plenty of areas to increase provision, but at the same time it’s good to stop and smell the roses. The Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy provides a high-level strategic framework for regional sport and recreation spaces and places (facility) planning in the Bay of Plenty region.

By working in a collaborative fashion, Sport Bay of Plenty, Sport New Zealand and the region’s territorial authorities have developed a strategic view of the regional priorities for future sport and recreation spaces and places.

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