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Active Opportunities in Autumn

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Active Opportunities in Autumn

The leaves are falling, the days are shorter and the temperature is certainly cooler - all signs telling us autumn has arrived.  This can be a time where exercise routines begin to slip, it can start small, missing one session per week, but as the comforts of a warm, dry home entice you to stay indoors you may find your entire routine soon comes to a standstill. 

Trust me when I say it’s easier to keep going than it is to stop.  Detraining or deconditioning as it is technically termed can lead to significant declines in cardio fitness and muscle mass after just two weeks!  It also causes increased fat mass, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

But don’t fear Sport Bay of Plenty and Play in the Bay are here to help. 

Play in the Bay is an exciting and fun initiative from Sport Bay of Plenty that encourages people to ‘have a go’ at a range of recreational activities through eight themed calendars.  May, is the start of Indoors month and with the calendar packed full of activities, your will be spoiled for choice.

We have beginner dancing and fitness sessions, mums and bubs exercise classes and more heart pumping options like beginner Cross Fit, Parkour, Gymnastics and Trampolining.  Tai Chi and Pilates also feature during Indoors Month and cater for those who prefer a tranquil exercise environment, where both body and mind can relax.  For something completely different challenge yourself with Pickleball or Power Hoop.  As you can see Indoors month has something to offer everyone regardless of age, ability or interests.

We have also ensured a range of class times to help you stay active with early morning, late morning, evening and weekend sessions available.  Prices range from FREE to $15 per session, with the average class costing an affordable $5.40 (less than a café lunch or two weekly coffees).

Now’s the time to get moving and involved, so get yourself off the couch and lace up those sneakers.  Remember the question isn’t can you?  It’s will you?

Every journey starts somewhere so why not take those first steps with Sport BOP and Play in the Bay. To find out more head to our website or pick up a calendar from the Sport BOP office, the Rotorua  Library, Council, the  Aquatic Centre, Rebel Sport, the  Redwoods or your medical centre.

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