Play in the Bay

What’s New

  • Development of the Spring Starter Series for Women.
  • Connection with rural communities; trialling a community led approach.


  • Bay of Plenty ranked third in the country, only behind Auckland and Wellington, for participant numbers and kilometres ridden in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge.
  • Funding for a part-time Community Cycling Coordinator secured.

Success Story

An example of the Spring Starter Series for Women marketing collateral

The Spring Starter Series for Women, a targeted challenge specifically for Bay of Plenty ladies, was launched in September 2016 and held again in September 2017.

The aim was and is to connect women with female-only beginner’s block activities during the start of spring, in order to give them the confidence to try something new and meet new people, with an aim of them finding a hobby for life.

A survey was conducted eight weeks after the 2016 series which showed that 71% have continued with the activity/activities since the series concluded. 63% say that their physical activity has increased since the series.

Western Bay of Plenty Highlights

  • An additional three sessions per week of golf were offered to accommodate all the interest. 50 women took part in the golf series. Many have since joined one of the two clubs either as members or as part of the summer Twilight Series.
  • 15 women registered for the martial arts/self defence course. Some have since joined the club.
  • More than 30 women registered for running.

Central Bay of Plenty Highlights

  • Liv Beyond rides and beginner’s mountain biking proved to be popular, with 40 women registering for the 12 spots. Due to its popularity another series was offered.
  • 28 women registered for Boot Camp Body Transformers.
  • 11 women registered for taekwondo.
  • 34 women registered for Pilates, which meant another class was added.
  • 32 women registered for RotoVegas Box-Fit.

Eastern Bay of Plenty Highlights

  • Yoga proved to be popular, with 43 women registering for both classes.
  • 29 women registered to be part of the challenge with Uniqe Fitness Kawerau (gym classes).
  • 37 women registered and took part in the Fitness Tumeke Boot Camp Challenge.


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