Green Prescription Programme (GRx)

What’s New

  • Development of GRx Goal Sheet to support the development of a healthy lifestyle.
  • In additional to GP practices, midwifes can now refer to the Green Prescription programme. The GRx team work with pregnant women, encouraging positive healthy lifestyle changes during their pregnancy and after.
  • Lots of new activities on offer (listed below under highlights).


  • 3040 referrals received for 16/17 (exceeding target of 2977).
  • 799 pre-diabetic and diabetic referrals received (Exceeding target of 463).

Establishment of new physical activities options:


EBOP Over 100 club (EBOP)
The Over 100 club provides a safe environment for people over 100kg to get active. The class incorporates a variety of activities, challenges and games. This programme is new to Whakatane, but is quickly increasing in numbers.


Rotorua beginner’s circuit class (CBOP)
In partnership with Toi Ohomai, the Green Prescription team have established an evening circuit class perfect for beginners.


GRx Mount walking group (WBOP)
Following the successful eight-week Mauao Trail Challenge, the Green Prescription team established the Mount walking group, who meet every Tuesday. The group continues to grow in size.

Success Story:


Tom was referred to the Green Prescription Programme as he was overweight, depressed and diabetic. He had high blood pressure, chronic back pain and two knee replacements, which caused him constant pain and discomfort. Tom found it very difficult to leave the house, as he was in constant pain and needed to use crutches to be active.

With encouragement from his Green Prescription advisor and sheer determination, Tom gradually increased his physical activity. He regularly used an exercycle and joined aqua classes. As his mobility increased, he joined the Green Prescription Nordic walking group and completed part of the beginner circuit.

He gradually built up his walking to the point he was tackling the hills. Tom is now a key leader with the Nordic group, where he regular leads the advanced group, supporting his fellow walkers and welcoming any newbies to the group.

Tom has reached the stage where physical activity is an important part of his life. He reports that he has regained his zest for life. He is active most days – gardening, walking and attending exercise classes.

Tom has told the GRx team, “Green Prescription has saved my life”.

His enthusiasm and enjoyment to keep active is in a total contrast to the man who started out in severe pain, limited mobility and not being able to leave the house. He has lost weight, lowered his blood pressure and is currently under a regime with his doctor to reduce his pain medication.


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