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KiwiSport is a government funded initiative to promote sport for school-aged children that was announced by the Prime Minister on 11 August, 2009. The Regional Partnership Fund (RPF) is coordinated by Sport Bay of Plenty for Sport NZ for use in Bay of Plenty communities. The allocation is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each region.

The Regional Partnership Fund has very specific purposes:

  • To increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport – during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs
  • To increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children to participate in organised sport.
  • To support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in organised sport.
  • Following extensive consultation with the community, Sport Bay of Plenty has established three contestable funds for the distribution of the Regional Partnership Fund: Major Projects Fund, Special Projects - Skilled Deliverers Fund, and a smaller project fund called the KickStart Fund.

Contestable Funds

Sport Bay of Plenty coordinate an annual contestable funding round for sporting and community organisations and schools to apply for investment through the KiwiSport Regional Partnership Fund.

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KickStart Fund ($30,000 per sub region)

A fund is available in each of the three sub regions for ‘smaller’ initiatives (up to $2,000) that assist in the achievement of the objectives of KiwiSport. The priority will be given to initiatives that reduce inequalities (e.g. reduce cost), or show innovation.

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Central Bay of Plenty

Western Bay of Plenty

Eastern Bay of Plenty


Special Projects: Skilled Deliverers Fund (up to $15,000)

This fund is for new initiatives (or current initiatives that are expanding into new areas) to develop skilled deliverers – i.e. referees, officials, umpires, event managers and teachers.

Skilled Deliverers Application Form


Non Contestable Funds

Secondary School Allocation - non contestable ($40,000 per annum)

This allocation acknowledges a Ministerial directive that no secondary school is disadvantaged under the new KiwiSport Scheme and is dedicated to the development of secondary school sport. It is managed by the Bay of Plenty Secondary School Sport Association.


More Information - Kiwisport Community Consultation

At the end of the second three-year-cycle of the Kiwisport Regional Partnership Fund, Sport Bay of Plenty undertook a community consultation to review the management of the fund for the next three years.
Based on the information that we collected, we have developed a proposed final plan which has been approved by Sport NZ for the 2015-2018 cycle.

Thank you to all organisations and individuals that were involved and provided feedback through discussions or filling out the survey.

KiwiSport Regional Partnership Fund Consultation 2015 Final Plan

Sport Bay of Plenty KiwiSport Background Document

Kiwisport - Sport NZ


For further information please contact:

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Nick Chambers

Sport Manager

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