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KiwiSport is a government funded initiative to promote sport for school-aged children. Sport Bay of Plenty coordinates a KiwiSport Regional Partnership Fund (RPF) for use in Bay of Plenty communities on behalf of Sport New Zealand. The allocation is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each region.


  • To increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport – during school and after school – by strengthening links with sports clubs
  • To increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children to participate in organised sport
  • To support children in the development of skills that will enable them to participate effectively in organised sport.

2018 review

In 2018 Sport New Zealand completed a review of the KiwiSport Regional Partnership fund by engaging with more than 600 people and organisations across New Zealand. Technically the objectives of KiwiSport have not changed since the completion of this review. The review does, however, suggest that the context in which we operate has changed. This has resulted in five recommendations to the current guidelines and criteria to access the fund. These five recommendations are a reflection of:

  • What we know about child and youth participation
  • Best practice (e.g. Sport New Zealand's Three Approaches) when developing quality experiences to children and young people
  • What we heard across the country during the review.

Review recommendations:

  1. Identify and focus on initiatives/programmes that support low participating groups and communities with activities or sporting opportunities that meet their needs;
  2. Increase the investment in initiatives which meet the needs of young people (12-18 years);
  3. Focus on innovative approaches to getting girls and young women (10-18 years) participating in activities and sport that meet their needs;
  4. Further decrease support for in-curriculum initiatives; and
  5. Focus on the importance of quality experiences by encouraging those applying for funding to understand and utilise Sport New Zealand's Three Approaches.

Sport Bay of Plenty has introduced a process whereby recommendations have been integrated within our existing guidelines and criteria. We believe that marrying together criteria will ensure that sport will be the winner across our communities.

In the 2019/2020 year Sport Bay of Plenty’s annual funding round will be made up of three initiatives.

KiwiSport Initiatives

KiwiSport 2019 Timelines

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Monday 1 July, 2019

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Noon Friday 23 August, 2019

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