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A positive sporting environment provides a foundation from which we can build on, to ensure we are respecting and retaining our community’s involvement in sport for years to come.

It’s about future-proofing sport in our region, ensuring players continue to enjoy physical activity as they grow, volunteers remain committed to their club and supporters keep watching the games.

We don’t tolerate negative or aggressive attitudes in other everyday places in our schools, work place or home – so why do we allow it in our sports?

Negative behaviour is another word for bullying, so let’s make a stand on the sports field. You never know, the player that gives up because of a negative experience could be a future NZ representative!

Sport Bay of Plenty, Regional Sporting Organisations and sporting clubs want to put an end to the bad behaviour – so help us continue to grow our positive sporting culture and Lead the Cheer!

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x3 May 2016