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About Performance Coach Advance

Programme Content

PCA will offer a unique professional development opportunity for the selected coaches. The content and structure of the programme has been designed to take into account the particular needs of performance coaches balanced against the time constraints they operate under.

Development opportunities may be offered across a range of areas including:

  • Planning and programme management.
  • Developing culture and environments.
  • Soft Skills Coaching.
  • Integrating mental skills into coaching practice.
  • Sharing best practice with performance coaches.
  • Insights into the difference between performance and high performance coaching.
  • Individual coaching plans.

The Talent Pathway

Information for NSO's and RSO's

  • PCA is open to coaches from all sports, but selection priority will be given to sports targeted by HPSNZ and Sport NZ.
  • PCA gives you the opportunity to identify and develop key performance coaches in your sport – think carefully about which coaches you endorse.
  • There is a cost to the NSO of $250 per coach which goes towards the operational costs of delivering PCA.

Programme Purpose

  • Improve quality of performance coaches working with talented pre-elite 15-21 year old athletes – primarily within Sport NZ Community and HPSNZ High Performance targeted sports
  • Improve NSO and RST performance coach development systems.

Why? Perceived Need

  • Difficulty identifying the most talented coaches in this area.
  • Lack of quality coach development opportunities for these coaches.
  • Limited expertise and leadership in NSO/RSO/RST network regarding best coaching and coach development practice in the performance area.
  • Lack of resource and priority (both human and financial) applied to this area.

Expected Outcomes

  • Creation of a sustainable, ongoing regional coach development system to support performance coaches in each region.
  • Improved performance coach development capability in NSOs and RSOs of participating sports.
  • Improved coaching capability in selected coaches.

Programme Outlines

  • Regionally based programme to support development of performance coaching – six regions being Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.
  • Content – focus on generic soft skill coaching development in coaches, combined with engagement and development of NSO/RSO/RST expertise and leadership in performance coaching.
  • Philosophy – action learning and continuous self-development.
  • Coach Selection – Primary requirements to be coach potential, current coaching role and commitment to self-development – all coaches to be endorsed by NSOs.
  • Number of Coaches – Auckland 24, Waikato 18, Wellington 18, Canterbury 18, Bay of Plenty 12, Otago 12.
  • Programme Delivery – To be led by a Regional Programme Leader (RPL) with support from a Sport NZ Programme Manager.
  • Funding – Primary funding to come from Sport NZ but mixed funding model with contributions from region and the NSO/RSO of the coach.


Entry into the programme takes place in March each year and is expressly through your National Sporting Organisation Coaching Directors and then endorsed by Sport NZ. No applications are accepted regionally.

x3 May 2016