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Helping people be more active

We believe in the power of physical activity to enrich lives

Being active has multiple benefits for all ages - from physical health to mental wellbeing. That’s why we’re out there supporting people to be active and helping to reduce the impacts of long-term health conditions.

Green Prescription video

How Green Prescription helped Andria be more active

After a serious injury six years ago, Andria Goodliffe found herself inactive but eager to get back on track. Thanks to support from the Green Prescription programme she has now returned to leading an active lifestyle.

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KOYF video

Living stronger for longer with Keep on Your Feet

Tom Taggart knows well the benefits of maintaining strength and balance through regular exercise. And as a class instructor of an ACC approved Keep on Your Feet strength and balance class, he also gets to witness the benefits first hand.

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Stacy Longbottom

The right time for Green Prescription

Faced with a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease, Stacy Longbottom knew it was time to make a change. Earlier this year we caught up with Stacey to find out more about her journey in the Green Prescription healthy lifestyle programme.

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